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To ‘The Monk’s Hood’ Tavern

I arrived at Thomas’ stables with forty minutes to spare. I had to knock on Thomas’ door and he came out looking rather bemused.
‘Can I hire Maria again, please?’
‘What, now!?’
‘Yes, please. I have to be at The Monk’s Hood Tavern by twelve, and I have no idea how to get there.’
‘I’d best get ‘er sorted then!’ He went into the stable and came out ten minutes later with Maria all saddled and kitted-out.
‘Where the ‘ell are yer goin’ at this time o’ night?’
‘I’m joining a group trekking to the Grotto of the Enchantress. It was a last minute decision, which is why I didn’t get here sooner. The instructions were very clear about being there before twelve. Thank you so much for accommodating me at such short notice.’
‘Well, there’s nowt s’ funny as folk, an’ that’s for sure. ‘Ow long yer gonna need ‘er for?’
‘I honestly have no idea. Is that a problem?’
‘Nay, lass. Yer looked after ‘er proper last time yer ‘ired ‘er. We’ll settle up when yer get back.’
‘Thank you so much. Now, can you tell me how to get to The Monk’s Hood Tavern?’
‘Yer’ve not far t’ go. Down to the end o’ the street and turn right. Tek the second turnin’ on the left an’ yer can’t miss it.’ I left him shaking his head and muttering to himself.

I followed his directions and easily found the tavern with ten minutes to spare. Maria, bless her, only seems to have one pace, but it was fast enough. There was quite a group gathered for the trek.