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Planting Seeds


Enchanteur planting more seeds in Lemuria

by Heather Blakey October 06 

Meet Ebony Wilder

Ebony Wilder is the Abbey Housekeeper
Here she is offering Bill, the gardener
one of her famous apple pies.

Curious Corners

The Abbey is filled with all sorts of curiousities, curious things, curious corners. It is just a matter of investigating to find them all.

Lemurian Land Army Working

The Lemurian Abbey houses a number of votaries of the Soul Food Way who are working to regenerate the old land. This Lemurian Land Army is making great strides and the place is taking on a whole new look.

Pregnant with Possiblity



le Enchanteur is pregnant with possibility. She is almost full term, ready to birth a new journey and a new challenge. Soon she will set out with pilgrims in search of the Grail – the elixir of creativity.

This journey will culminate in the 2006 Advent Calendar.

Pilgrims who wish to participate need to send an expression of interest to le Enchanteur at heatherblakey at dailywriting dot net. A private group will be formed. This journey will not be available to the public until the Calendar is published.