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Ah! – to have found the Fountain of Lemoure

LEAVE it to ME

I am but a leaf on that Tree, you know;
Proof of creation and humanity —
Gifted to pull energy from the sun
And caress it into bright green delight.

Then I can climb — dream of distant stars,
Claiming each handhold on the concrete walls
That would keep me within my directed space,
Though I stand in sharp contrast to the clouds.

But surely I must fall, now free in death
To lie unnoticed ‘midst the bitter stones
That shield my roots and forgave my birth
To be more than a weed in a garden.

Down, down I slowly drift as softest snow
To brave cycle my drops of fervent dew
As tears for those who never had a chance,
Or still lie coldly dormant and afraid.

Yet I hear laughter — a feel dancing mist,
To float in a tiny pool of spring —
Swirling, cleansing, praying for fulfillment
As I shake off the dust of earthly toil.

Then a throbbing pulse and spirit rushing
Transports me to a gliding spillway
Of sunlight smiles and smoothest stones
To purify my vigil of awareness.

Oh, now to leap so free in timeless space,
Bound by faith and waiting depths of desire
To be one with all and send ripples forth
To join in song with a fountain of joy.

Gently I am kissed by flowered hints
Of still more life beyond perception;
A tumbling crash of chaos and mem’ries
Of a Source of simple innocence.

At last a place of peace and gentle rest
Where my last vestiges of humanity
Can molder away ‘neath soothing sands
’till rebirth in the Fountain of Lemoure.

LampLighter of Abbey Dawn