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Magical Abbey

My home base in Lemuria is the Abbey. Although my cell was sparsely furnished when I arrived, it was all I needed for writing and art. To my amazement, the wide slit of a window that gave perfect light, but had been totally unreachable, lengthened and lowered as creativity blossomed.

Yesterday after I returned from visiting the Abbey garden, a small, but perfect circle appeared on the wall above my cot. I hoped it was not mold since my window overlooks the beach and the Lemurian Sea. Too busy to investigate, I retrieved my colored pencils and continued the drawing inspired by the garden roses. This is what I drew. This is the stain glass window that the circle on the wall became. 🙂 Barbara-Believer-porsitter

Oreo in the Abbey

Testing the morning,
my cat sniffs the air,
gauges the warmth of the sun,
the possibility of rain,
the nearness or absense of danger.

One foot slightly raised,
ears pricked,
whiskers erect,
he listens for human voices,
the twitter of birds,

Only then, curled and waving,
does his tail follow him out the door.

by Believer