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Here is where you will them

This is the perfect place to slowly wander through all of my decks of tarot cards, share the imagery with everyone that is interested, and we can share our personal interpretations.

So, I might as well start right now, and start as close to the beginning as I can.  I can’t share my first deck, they were lost in an unfortunate swimming pool incident.

After their untimely death, my grandmother gave me a deck for Christmas, with three different books on their meanings.  It was the classic Rider-Waite deck.

Everything begins at the beginning, and the beginning in a Tarot deck is the Fool.

The first card of the Major Arcana, which represent milestones in your life, positive and seemingly negative.


Planting my Dream Seeds

I found a rich. fecund corner of the Gardens, ready for my Dream Seeds from Mme. La Enchanteur. I opened the packet of seeds and was not surprised to see that every seed had the miraculous, innocent face of a newborn babe.

There was a tiny girl, dimples popping in and out as she nurses at a loving breast. She has silken waves of deepest chestnut, and dark eyelashes fanning on her rosy cheeks. Tiny pink fingers curl in utter trust around a loving, tender finger.

A little boy, mischief already writ on his sweet face. He is smiling and laughing as he is fed warm baby food. He is chubby enough to be endearing, but not so heavy as to be overweight. His blonde hair stands up in spikes full of food, and deep blue eyes watch in anticipation as a spoon full of food swoops into his waiting mouth. His arms wave and feet kick energetically and he bounces in the high chair.

Another girl with brown black masses of hair and moss green eyes reaches for loving arms as she babbles happy nonsense syllables up at her father’s adoring face.

Twin boys, two sides of the same coin sleep in their crib, with their hands intertwined as they were in the womb. One small form stirs restlessly and the other’s hand tightens in reassurance, and both of them slide into the deep sleep of a baby that knows it is welcome, and wanted.

A solemn-faced little girl, snuggled in her mother’s lap, rapt in the sound of her ‘Goddess’s’ voice as she reads a story slowly. Both of them are lost in this moment of oneness, forging even deeper bonds than were created in the womb.

I plant each seed with love, and bless all of them with the Goddess’ protection. When I am finished I leave the dream seeds behind me, and never look back.

I will leave these dreams for another woman who yearns for a child. The Goddess has other plans for me, I am now Crone, the third face of womanhood. The giver of knowledge and healing, I am comfortable in this role, and almost relieved that I am become thus.

The word ‘Menopause’ holds no fear, only a bit of surprise, I do not feel old enough to be in menopause, all the same, I accept this with calm, and finding a deep peace, freed of a gnawing want that would not lie quiet.


The Walled Garden

What a lovely, calming garden this is!  The flowers hang heavily on their branches and I had scattered seed for the birds earlier.  Their excited voices mingle with wind chimes, and the hidden fountain, to make a zen-like melody.

Birds feeding

I breathe deeply and close my eyes.  The stone bench is warm on my back and behind, and shards of sun move slowly on my face.

Skye Asleep

Skye had claimed a soft towel, gathering the perfume of flowers and fresh air, to sleep on.  Pye walked around and around on the gleaming wooden canopy of the arbor.  I hear late-season bees humming as they feed.


There is an herb garden, replete with Enki-Fish and an Angel amongst the Rosemary and Sage, which has a few pink blossoms still clinging to it.

Pink Oleanders

Oleanders, pink and white, vie for grandiose blooming with brilliant Bougainvillea.  Fleecy clouds are high in the sky, with sun gilding the edges.


Here in this haven of peace and nature one can slow their thoughts, and capture the fleeting images in their spirit.