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Arata, arrata, Dig… for the Hidden

Angel Panel

The Godess Inana

“Do you think they are hidden in nature, because they formed into dragon flies?” Kiona mused as she ate her fruit and home made toasted muesli.

“That would make sense but where do we start” I replied.

“Maybe they are hidden in a spider’s web like that in Charlotte’s web, where words woven made a pig famous so he was not eaten?” added another of the blanket making sisters, the nun who I had first met,who quietly joined us.

“Are they somewhere in the song of a nightengale?” asked the young girl from India, who I now knew as Shruti, as she skipped up to our table.

“Arata, arata” – I recalled outloud the ancient tongue of the Elder who had given us our visions.

“Maybe” said the Nun who I’d first met, Sister Abigal, “we need to unlock the meaning of arata, arata- does it really mean dig…”

Sister Abigal continued “Maybe it could be an acrostic for something else, dreams can be riddles.”

“We could consult a dream dictionary of some sort too” said Shruti.

“Yes but dreams have personal symbols too.
We need to know what these things mean to Unity,” added Kiona.

So Shruti, Kiona and I headed off to the library of the abbey to find a dream dictionary. Sister Abigal, excused herself, saying she had to attend to the garden, but she would keep a look out for things in the garden that might help in my quest. Sister Abigal said she’d keep thinking about that “arata” thing too.

As Kiona, Shruti and I made our way to the library I told them about my heart map.

“Oh let me see” begged Shruti.

She didn’t see what I did, but instead said “I see a Japanese actor, and an ancient city. ”

“Oh the ancient city is from Sumeria, there’s a Godess there.”

Shruti peered deeply into my heart map. She seemed lost in a some epic story. From time to time she would add more to it for us. We had stopped in awe at her tale and were seated at the feet of Shruti who had turned into a masterful storyteller.

“There was an epic battle and a godess was lost to Aratta. Aratta
was supposed to send treasures to Enmerker, but he did not. He also suspected that Enmerker was after the godess Inana.

He tried to win a battle of champions by the trickery of a sorcerer, but he was not successful. The Godess was lost, his treasures were lost too.

There is another hero, his name is Lugalbanda, a holy man, who prays in a cave and he wins the battle against the angry Aratta. He bring peace to the land, and I think he helps Enmerker and Inana… Although Inana also helps too, she is one intelligent lady.”

Shruti started, “Oh she wants to speak to you..”

“Who? ” as she handed me my heart map. I saw the traces of a Inana. Her eyes looked deep into mine, as if trying to dig a meaning out. “Do not be Aratta…” she said softly.”Then you will find the Hidden Words meaning and keep it in your heart forever.” I had to look away the light from Inana was so bright and was flooding all the space around us.

Kiona did not seem at all perturbed by the events unfolding before us. She was calm.

“Look once more”

I did, and this time I saw a young girl with what appeared to be a giant serpent or an eel.

“Look again” she said

This time I saw the bread, the nail, the rocks and the candle..

I relayed this to Kiona- who became rather thoughtful.

“We’re going to have to swim for it…there’s a well where a young girl who disappeared many years ago on the other side of the island. I read a story about her in the library. They say she swam away with an eel.. I think she knows where your Hidden Words are. I think perhaps we must free her.”

Shruti, had something to add,
“As for the other three images I think that maybe they are in one of the Hidden Words,and you need to find that Hidden Word and place it into your walnut.”

“How did you two become so wise,”

They laughed and I had that strange sensation of seeing the light of the two angel sisters reflected in them, yet they were not those sisters, and yet they were.

So it was off to the other side of the Island for us, first we collected our provisions from Sister Abigal, who was pleased we had unlocked the meaning of the words. “Ah Sumerian, I should have guessed.”

to be continued.

(C) June Perkins, all rights reserved.

Girl and Serpent

The Girl and the Serpent

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Spiral Staircase to the Song


Dancing Culture- By Gumbootspearlz

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My hair and clothes had been smoked, smoked by the lady with the smoking leaves. She called on her Elders in the story place to the listening time in the story circle under the trees. Under the trees was the moonlight. In that moonlight were the guardians, the guardians of the stories of the messengers, of the stories of the breakers of the new dawn.

Guardians of different forms of knowledge gathered in the story circle. They were summoned by the smoke which wove itself into intricate circles and spirals in the air. The Spirals formed into the shape of shells, and the shells sang memories and prophecies. The lady with the smoking leaves had long white hair and wore a finely carved bone necklace. The necklace was so intricate and showed the craft of her son who had made it for her. Her son was a master carver of some repute. His story was already well known to the guardians. He was destined to be one of the heroes, a hero who would die by the sword of the ancients. I knew this because I had met one of the ancients as a small child as she bathed by a river pool on my island. She had summoned me from sleep to the river pool with a song of the shell. She had said “Look for the Spiral staircase, dream of the spiral stair case and when it’s time it will appear.” But here I was with the lady with the smoking leaves, wondering how she had made her way into the abbey.

She came from the place of the first stories, the place of the first moonlight, and she was far more ancient than all the women I had met at that first meeting. We were all to meet with her – not just me. We were all to be smoked, to find our own inner flame and wisdom. As she smoked me the spiral staircase appeared and she said in an ancient tongue “shival”… climb. So I climbed not knowing to where I climbed.

As I left the story circle I wondered if I would reach the moon- and fearing heights I looked down to see the bottom of the stair case had disappeared. I was somewhere between earth and heaven, somewhere between smoke and pool of water. I called out “where is there to climb to… I can’t see the end…” “Shival, shival” I heard coming from somewhere above.

A large dragon flew by and on it was Angel of Water, “Here jump on” she called… “But I am supposed to climb,” I replied. “Yes, that’s true but wouldn’t it be easier to fly,” “No I must climb, I must,” “Wise Girl we are a temptation, so goodbye,” and that which I thought was Angel of Water turned into a monster and vanished.

So I climbed even though I could not see steps and I felt fine threads under my feet and in my fingers. This stair case was an invisible one. “shival, shival…” It was almost too much to step on such light steps that might shatter into thin air.


Then I saw white elephant he was so enormous. I was sure it was an auspicious sign. I wondered if I should leap from the ladder and go off on that elephant, surely that would be an adventure. But no I had to continue with my mountaineering into the sky. The elephant turned into the Buddhist Nun, she bowed and she too vanished. “Well done child, keep climbing, sorry to test you.” I kept climbing not worrying about what was behind me instead moving ever closer towards the beckoning moon. She seemed to have a face, a lady in the moon, that would be sight-a lady dancing on the moon, an ancient figure with a barking owl for a friend. I was becoming light headed the further and further I climbed into the sky – and then I saw a book, perched in the sky, being brought to me in the beak of the barking owl. It dropped the book into me so suddenly I thought I would fall from the staircase- and then as I touched the book the staircase became solid again. This was such a relief, I sighed.

My sighs turned into ruby red dragon flies. A swarm of them settled around the book and grasped the book. I heard little voices, “It’s the Hidden Words come down from heaven…” I wanted to open the book but I was so frightened I would fall. “Please help me dragon flies.” I whispered in a tiny voice. The dragon flies replied, “Of course child- we will take it to the abbey for you, but you must climb a little farther on the stairs. So I climbed, I was so tired, it felt truly like days I had been climbing into thin air, through mists, up to the moon.

And now the mist cleared, and in front of me was the tree, the tree from Owl Island, but no it was not, it was actually his brother. He had dark eyes deep in his trunk. He had a nightingale perched on his branches. “Here child, you can fly back to the abbey on the song of this nightingale, this is true not false, do you trust.” I was not sure whether to trust having seen a monster disguise itself as the Angel of Water.   Could I trust?

The Dragonflies might have taken the book and given it to some wizard for all I knew. Yet, as the nightingale sang I knew to trust. It’s melody was just so sweet and the high pitched tones wove around me like a guardian of my soul, like a song both ancient and modern. I knew I could trust, and as if bursting asunder from some prison I soared and soared, until I was back in the circle, covered in the smoke of the lady with the leaves, her eyes bright and her song woven with the spirit of the nightingale.  She sang..”arata, arata” motioning with her hands – dig dig…


© June Perkins all rights reserved

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A Circle of Sisters in the Abbey Garden

journeys of feet

From Series Walk in My Shoes

I touched down and placed my wings in my walnut. I came to what initially looked like a large ornately carved door, but as you looked closely at the door it appeared there was a much smaller door within the large one and that was the one I had to open.

As I went through it I came to some stone arches which curved over soft grass. I took my shoes off and felt the soft mossy grass through my toes. It was comforting to feel land again after being in the sky and on the ferry.

I pulled my tiny map out of the walnut and tried to make out its details. I wonder if it might hold clues to my grail, after all it seemed to have both the universal and my individual heart beat etched into it.

I could see a loaf of bread, a candle and a rock with nails on it. I touched the map and then the images vanished. What could this mean? Were they clues to my inner grail?
I continued to walk under the endless row of arches until I came to a cloister.

A nun was sitting on a stone bench, her fingers thumbing furiously through a book. She came upon what she was looking for in the pages and a deep sigh emanated from her.

As I went toward her I paused, maybe I shouldn’t really bother her, but as that thought entered my mind she looked up.

walk in my shoes

From Series Walk in My Shoes

“Ah, Unity, we’ve been expecting you.” She motioned to me, “This way child, you are to come to our area for inter-spiritual dialogues. They’re waiting.”

I followed her into the Abbey and now the archways covered cool stones that felt smooth under my feet. I saw arched windows that had tiny splinters of light peering into the large room. We didn’t stop there though.

We passed through the abbey it seemed to an outdoor area, with the most exquisite flowers, almost every fragrance and colour you can imagine. Roses, hibiscus, wattle – oh it was just so vibrant and lush. The scent of all the flowers rushed out at me and I took in the sound of hummingbirds and honeybees.

thankfulness. . .
From Series Walk in My Shoes

We came to a circle of people. I think there were nine or ten there.

A Buddhist nun in a humble orange habit clapped her hands
“Unity has come,”
They all jumped up and came to welcome me.
There was a slender Indigenous women from the Americas. She wore a dress with intricate geometric designs,
“The Great Spirit welcomes you,”
Then a young girl from India, with a red dot on her forehead came forward
“Hare Krishna.. and then Om….” Came from her as she bowed to me and to all gathered.
A small lady with large eyes and a simple white habit came forward.
“It is all in the actions what you do, that we will know if you can carry on the work we need done.”
The little girl from India, pulled at my sarong (“She speaks like that because she’s one of the nuns that worked with Mother Therese”)
Another woman with a long veil draped around her came to greet me next.
“We come here to remove all the spiritual veils we place around ourselves,”
She lifted her veil “I am in the company of women and so I will remove this for now.”
Another woman, who was I realized, the Angel of Water, but who was now young and dignified, came over to me.
“Unity please take a seat by me, my sisters we must begin. We can have any more introductions later.”

And so we formed a circle amongst all the brilliant flowers, in the simple garden in the inner sanctum of the abbey.

“And now sisters,” Angel of Water continued

“Consider the beauty of this garden, as diverse as we all are, combining for your enjoyment… what does it say to us?”

It was the first of many precious dialogues that were to take place in the Abbey, although sometimes we were left to take a place by ourselves and contemplate something set for us by the Angel of Water and sometimes other women in the group.

Such a radiant place, and such women I will never forget. They especially came to my aid when I was climbing a staircase that disappeared into nowhere. I had grown restless saying prayers in my cell and had gone for a wander and then climbed and climbed until there was no staircase below me or under me . . .

(to be continued)

believe in the possibility - dream

“I have a Dream,” From Series Walk in My Shoes

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