Magical Abbey

My home base in Lemuria is the Abbey. Although my cell was sparsely furnished when I arrived, it was all I needed for writing and art. To my amazement, the wide slit of a window that gave perfect light, but had been totally unreachable, lengthened and lowered as creativity blossomed.

Yesterday after I returned from visiting the Abbey garden, a small, but perfect circle appeared on the wall above my cot. I hoped it was not mold since my window overlooks the beach and the Lemurian Sea. Too busy to investigate, I retrieved my colored pencils and continued the drawing inspired by the garden roses. This is what I drew. This is the stain glass window that the circle on the wall became. šŸ™‚ Barbara-Believer-porsitter


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  1. What a beautiful space you have in the Abbey. Activities like this are meditative and reassuring. Beautiful work! And I am so pleased to know that someone is keeping a candle in a window in the Abbey.

  2. What a beautiful drawing. I can imagine looking through a window of this inspired design.

  3. I love your beautiful drawing. I love it.

  4. Thank you, it’s good to be drawing again.

  5. The Abbe is a wonderfulplace and obviously inspires you. This is just exquisite.

  6. Such a beautiful drawing. Your stay at the abbey is obviously treating your muse well.


  7. Very pretty. I love pink, and roses are my favourite flower. Circle of beauty, circle of strength…I think that we all need a little rose coloured window like this to change our point of view!

  8. This is beautiful, Barbara! More!

  9. breath-taking…..
    oh please-continue…

  10. What a beautiful window. Your cell is becoming less sparse by the day.

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