On the Edge of Darkness

“Stupid, stupid, stupid…” I muttered as I trudged along the gravel path towards the woods. “You’ve done it now — you’ve ticked off an abbess, for heaven’s sake. Good job, sweetie.” I looked to the sky to see if any thunder clouds had formed in order to zap me for my insolence. It was clear.

I don’t know why I had been snarky with the Abbess. Obviously, I have some sort of internal malfunction and she has been sent to help me. Obviously, I felt a little threatened by her questioning and responded accordingly. I was always getting myself into trouble with my mouth. Obviously, one day I was going to really feel the consequences. I just hope it wasn’t today.

I came to the edge of the woods and stopped. This was no small thicket of ordinary trees. A wall of dense, gnarled banyan trunks soared above me. The path was covered with large fallen leaves and what I could see of the trail disappeared into a thick darkness. An equally thick darkness fell over me. I felt like I was in the middle of a horror movie. I was the character about ready to walk in the dark, scary place, the weird music edging towards a crescendo, and the audience yelling “don’t go into there!” — just before the ax murderer    jumps out from behind a tree.

Yes, I was going to pay for my insolence today after all. I took a few steps and walked under the canopy of the banyan forest.

(to be continued)

Image and text by L. Gloyd © 2009

Posted on March 16, 2009, in Abbey Residents, Lori's Choir Loft. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. (: the tree is awesome and i can see you are having some interesting inner dialogues about what the abbess is saying to you (:

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