the abbey garden

an ornate setting
of pale wood and wrought iron
under over latticework woven, melded, beaten
into submission by a heavy hand
exposed to elements and its patina softens
to green.
roughly hewn roses nestled among
fine detail, the work of a tradesman
and an artisan.
there are gaps where the sunlight
reaches through and lovingly caresses
my notebook
though the chill wind cuts an unforgiving
path through the sycamore
overhead and I shiver
beneath my borrowed serge.
my mind witters during this
contemplative seclusion, prayers not yet
fully formed but trivial thoughts –
butterflies which dance from one
merry bud to another.


About rosylee

Self-confessed chocaholic, mum, fiancee, art student, bookworm, perfectionist, writerly, snap happy, vegan, housework-loathing, Christian type person.

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  1. Beautiful description, beautifully strung together.

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