celticsea’s take on the grail


Am but

One being in

A universe of many.

Empowered and encumbered by thought,

Wondering for what purpose I am,

While knowing that my existence is temporary.  

Grasping for concepts such as love and happiness;

Recognizing their source must come from within versus without 

Yet still searching for approval from those who surround me,

And striving to instill those feelings in those whom I surround.

Constantly defining and redefining who I am, but no longer asking why

My childhood’s characterized by dark and repressed memories while others traveled

            different routes.

Daily, taking the time to experience the healing power of a deep cleansing breath.

Feeling, at times, that I am not of this earth, but of the ether world,

That I am on the outside looking in, a mere spectator in this life of mine.

Perplexed by man’s constant inability to empathize with those who are differently abled

            or situated

Considering, when life begins, no child controls the when or where of his birth.

Wanting to believe that there is a God, yet fearful there is not,

That this is it, but oftentimes sensing His presence, a spiritual influence.

Wondering how one sperm and one egg create a complex being,

And that from my womb emerged three of these miracles.

Grateful I became a citizen of this country as

Opposed to some war-torn nation, but wondering why. 

Endlessly wallowing in the wonderment of words.

Appreciating the vitality of the sun,

Thriving in its penetrating rays,

Like water to roots.

And never tiring

Of questioning





Posted on February 28, 2009, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Excellent piece of self searching. You ask the questions that so many of us ask…perhaps, unlike many of us, you will find the answers.

  2. I recommend going to B and talking to a blade of grass or a head of broccoli for even more enlightenment on the important questions you ask here. A wonderfully reflective piece.

  3. Gosh, that is beautiful. Thanks for posting. I loved reading it.

  4. thanks for posting this it is truly beautiful (: enjoyed reading it on your blog as well.

  5. Beautifully expressed!

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