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Here is where you will them

This is the perfect place to slowly wander through all of my decks of tarot cards, share the imagery with everyone that is interested, and we can share our personal interpretations.

So, I might as well start right now, and start as close to the beginning as I can.  I can’t share my first deck, they were lost in an unfortunate swimming pool incident.

After their untimely death, my grandmother gave me a deck for Christmas, with three different books on their meanings.  It was the classic Rider-Waite deck.

Everything begins at the beginning, and the beginning in a Tarot deck is the Fool.

The first card of the Major Arcana, which represent milestones in your life, positive and seemingly negative.


Abbotsford Convent










A peaceful sanctuary
within a busy city.
Abbortsford Covent Melbourne




Salty Fingers – Loving Touches

I lie beside the water’s edge.


My eyes are closed


but like one sightless,


I feel the touch


of sand beneath my body…


the taste of salt upon my lips…


the sound of surf,


music within my ears.


Then, in motion,



Sea draws me


into her embrace.


She caresses my naked body


with fingers soft and gentle…


she kisses my lips,


my breasts—



I am swimming now,


begging Sea to take me


as I lie quivering in her arms.


I grasp her with my thighs


but she slips away…


returns to kiss my throat,


my breasts—



She is a teasing lover,


laughing all the while


until she has me arching with delight


like a dolphin in mid flight.


Of all the women I have loved,


Sea is the playful one.


She toys with me


and teases me


until I spin


in rapturous delight.



Let me feel again your urging,


let me come to thee once more.



Vi Jones


October 9, 2006


She drifts in from the sea

to wrap herself around me,

a soft cool shroud concealing me

from the world I shun.

She loses me in silver haze

but keeps me safe

from prying eyes

of those who seek to do me harm.

There are times

when she is cruel

as when she caused my ship to founder

upon the rocky shore,

then let me wander aimlessly

into places I should not go.

She can be cold and unforgiving

of the mistakes I might have made.

Will I ever find my way

back to the light of day?

Will I ever lift her veil

and walk into the future

where the sun doth shine

brightly and hopefully?

Alas, like a fly caught in a spider’s web,

I cannot leave her,

my Lady Fog so dear.

I have not the courage

to return from whence I came.

I live instead within her shroud

forever as a ghost

drifting slowly from the sea.

Vi Jones

©October 25, 2006

Wild Days

Abbey Ivy

No sooner had I begun musing with Aurora, than everything changed in the Abbey Cloister. The earth began to transform itself, bringing forth new ideas and themes.

Questions arose, rules of nature, and questions long taken for granted, were being re-examined. Was the Cosmos really what I had thought it was?

During Winter, I had been spending time at Riversleigh, talking to the other residents there, walking and thinking through the magical Murmuring Woods there, and taking solitude and observing the stars at the Lemurian Hermitage. There were some interesting discussions in the Tavern and insights learned at the City of Ladies in Cyberia.

Fortunately the Abbess is always very encouraging, discarding the old strict views of cloisters of ancient times. All visitors to Lemuria must explore the regions, and have inquiring minds, she insisted. She also told me Madame L’Enchanteur had been spending a great deal of time with Dream Seed Enchanteur lately, and did not know what magic it would bring.

Now, on the first of Spring, with Winter done its work, what was the Cosmos really about? It was the new question that constantly occupied my thoughts…

(copyright Imogen Crest 2007.)