The Green Goddess of Spring

The green goddess of Spring

Slips through the woodland,

Leaves bright splashes of colour

Where her feet have trod

Of new leaves and fronds unfurling.

Petals and buds uncurling of

Bluebells, pale windflowers and golden celandines, pink apple blossom,

Yellow deadnettle, wood sorrel, primroses and violets.

As she weaves her way ‘twixt bush and tree

The birds follow her

In riotous assembly of song

And flashes of colour from breast and wing

As they feast

On caterpillars in the new-burst foliage.

The brook gurgles happily over its bed of stones

Where temple maidens come to gaze in its watery mirrors,

Their long hair trailing in the current.

They listen to the babble of the brook

as it whispers and chatters its tales of things seen and yet to pass.

Shy animals make their way to the edge to drink:

A silent doe with huge, liquid eyes with its nervous fawn.

A quick squirrel, frightened by the sound of a raucous jay

dips in a timid paw and turns to race up a nearby tree.


Posted on May 2, 2007, in Nature, Poetry. Bookmark the permalink. 12 Comments.

  1. Lovely expression of spring and the photos make it luscious to the eyes.

  2. Gorgeous. My favorite time of year–so welcome–so inspiring!

  3. Wonderful.Uplifting – all of it.

  4. What a beautiful invocation and celebration of Spring Carol. Your words and images are a veritable taste treat.

  5. As winter comes I shall keep looking here to be reminded that spring comes each year and that the busy squirrel still works magic as I used to watch. Fran

  6. Beautiful! The poem is lovely and the photos are wonderful.

  7. Oh Carol this is gorgeous! Your words and photos are beautiful!!

  8. I agree with everyone here~ your words call up scenes of spring in the mind and your pictures are worth every one of a thousand words.

  9. What a wonde4rful introduction to Spring… reading your words and seeing your pictures lightens the heart and spreads hope.
    Thank you.

  10. This expresses such gratitude for the season–lovely!

  11. Aaaaaaahhhhh… My spirit remembers ‘real’ spring! At first so shy and slow to progress, then, of a sudden, it rushes forth fearlessly, arrayed in green goen and paastel trim.

    Well done love!!
    HUgs and kisses,

  12. Beautiful words and pictures.

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