Emeeriels Hideaway Cloister

Hello to all of you who have stopped by to check out my new residence here at the Abbey. I am getting moved in and settled. I really love my hideaway here at the cloister. It seems Imogene has really been working on the gardens as you can see from the view. It is beautiful. It also seems I have someone who has made its way to my hideaway as well. I am calling her Abby for now. It seems like a fitting name. If Abby belongs to one of you, just know I have been taking care of her until she finds her way back. She keeps eyeballing CJ, my bird.
I hope to have a parley here at the Abbey in the near future and hope you all are able to stop by. It will give you a chance to meet the new residents and catch up with some of the ones who have been here at the Abbey for a while. It will be respectful since the Abbey is a place for solitude, but I am hoping that a little bit of a party atmosphere one day will lighten spirits and bring smiles upon everyones hearts. It will be in the main courtyard. Food and your favorite passion is welcome. This is a place where you passions desires can be seen and enjoyed by many. So be checking for an announcement soon and hope we can bring more beauty and spirit to the Abbey. *~Em~*


If I am not in when you drop by, please feel welcome and come on in and pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy.



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  1. Ooooo, Emeeriel, I love the dancing animation! Cool.

  2. Your own, gorgeous, peaceful, beautiful cloister amidst exquisite foliage with solitude and a history going back who knows where – plus an animated dancer. I hope to visit when you’re settled and have some quiet time – even though we have not yet met.

  3. The dancers reflects the free spirit that longs to escape on occassion. Sometimes we just have to dance the Dance of Life.

  4. Hello Emeeriel,

    Ah, your corner of the Abbey is just exquisite! I’ve been away a long time, but I’m back for a brief visit.
    If a black and white tuxedo cat or an emerald green parrot peek out at you from behind the foliage, it’s my Oreo and Tookey coming to welcome you for me.


  5. Your new quarters are wonderful. I live over at Riversleigh, but would love to come for a visit. The view from your room is so peaceful.

  6. This is just so absolutely exquisite! I think I shall just sit awile and simply be.

  7. Oh, Em, what a wonderful entrance this is to your private place And I love your little friend, Abby, who is such a welcoming presence she is.

  8. How lovely this looks, and the tea is good! 😉

  9. Welcome to you, and thank you for welcoming us! I’ll bring some madeleines (what else?) to dip in our tea.

  10. I can barely find the words to describe how magical I think this all is Emeeriel. I am so glad you have come and are helping to populate this stunning old Abbey
    hugs Heather

  11. Hello Emeeriel,
    as my name befits, I have just returned from my travels to find a new arrival here and I bid you welcome. I look forward to spending some quiet moments in the gardens at your door. Right now I am a bit jetlagged but when I wake up a bit I will return.

  12. Hello. My name is Jessica and well, It’s my first visit here. I wish more than anything to have a place there. It’s all so beautiful and wonderful.

  13. I could sit in that little courtyard all day. It’s beautiful.

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