Emeeriel Rainsong Storm

Emeeriels Rainsong Storm

This is a picture I took a few days ago during a storm. The energy from storms electrify me.  It was a bit scary, but called me into its swell. Lost and wandering, my spirit took flight and embraced its wrath.


Posted on April 1, 2007, in Emeeriels Rainsong Cloister. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. Gosh – it’s so powerful. Fabulous image.

  2. Moody image of stormclouds!

  3. Awesome, in the true sense of the word! Emeeriel, where was this taken?

  4. I live in Wichita Falls, Texas. It was several days ago. We had lots of hail, lots of rain and we feared possibly a tornado might come from all this. I had my camera with me just to capture the the strom. I am a lover of storms and I am mesmerized by them. There was flooding in the areas around our town. I have a few more taken that are similar. I have one where there are three different colored clouds at the same time. These we low and rolling. The last time I had seen clouds like this, there was a tornado that developed and left 20,000 people homeless here in our town. So that is where the fear came in. I wanted to capture the heart of it for people to see just in case.

  5. This was taken at 10:00 am and it looks like it is night time.

  6. Ooh Wichita. Makes me think of John Denver and co. What an amazing photograph of what looks like cotton candy or fairy floss as we call it down here in good old Oz.

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