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Easter Moving In

Easter is as good a time as any to be welcomed back by the Abbess into the bustling halls of the Abbey. With the energy of alchemy in the air, she directs the travellers here, some who will stay on.

My room this time has been left by an ancient wise scholar, Aurora von Morgen, who studied the laws of nature. The walls of the space are lined with books of every kind on this subject, which it’s learned occupant worked on for years.

What secrets would she tell? I wondered, as I unpacked my things, the Easter sunlight shining through the gauze curtain. Birds sang around the Abbey Fountain, and in the courtyard below, constant footsteps could be heard over the cobblestones, of travellers coming and going.

Hibiscus Abbey Garden

The path leading to the upstairs cloister was lined with large white hibiscus, with pink shadings. I took a photograph of them to capture their beauty, and study them later on.

(copyright Imogen Crest 2007.)


Emeeriels Hideaway Cloister

Hello to all of you who have stopped by to check out my new residence here at the Abbey. I am getting moved in and settled. I really love my hideaway here at the cloister. It seems Imogene has really been working on the gardens as you can see from the view. It is beautiful. It also seems I have someone who has made its way to my hideaway as well. I am calling her Abby for now. It seems like a fitting name. If Abby belongs to one of you, just know I have been taking care of her until she finds her way back. She keeps eyeballing CJ, my bird.
I hope to have a parley here at the Abbey in the near future and hope you all are able to stop by. It will give you a chance to meet the new residents and catch up with some of the ones who have been here at the Abbey for a while. It will be respectful since the Abbey is a place for solitude, but I am hoping that a little bit of a party atmosphere one day will lighten spirits and bring smiles upon everyones hearts. It will be in the main courtyard. Food and your favorite passion is welcome. This is a place where you passions desires can be seen and enjoyed by many. So be checking for an announcement soon and hope we can bring more beauty and spirit to the Abbey. *~Em~*


If I am not in when you drop by, please feel welcome and come on in and pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy.


Emeeriel Rainsong Storm

Emeeriels Rainsong Storm

This is a picture I took a few days ago during a storm. The energy from storms electrify me.  It was a bit scary, but called me into its swell. Lost and wandering, my spirit took flight and embraced its wrath.


Hello all.  Emeeriel is my name. I am wandering around taking in the view here at the abbey.  I hope to get to know you all here. I am a little different I understand than most of the residents here. I will not try to create too much of a storm, just some calm breezes.  I am a storm lover, storm chaser and find myself mysteriously drawn into the energy of them.