Anita’s A-Z Projects


These are links to my storiesthat I wrote on while staying here at the Soul Food Cafe  Abbey

They were inspire by  the A-Z of Alchemy


” A” Is For Athanor – More Stories from From Away

” B” is For The Blade of Grass– Devilbit Lake

” C” is For Facing Chaos– Employee Of The Year

” D” Is for Descent Into The Underworld– Into An Eternal Night

“E” is for The Cosmic Egg –  In Search of the Ultimate Empyrean Cackleberry

” G ” Is For Grail- Grave Thoughts

“I” Is For Illumination– The Devil In The Details

“J” Is For Journey– A Christmas Tale For Eventide

and – A Sunless Place

“K” Is For Kiln– Anita’s Owl Creek Bridge

” L” is For Loam – Eye Of the Beholder

“M” is For Myth– The Tacky Ticker

P for Procrustes– The Gobbler Sawtooth

“Y” Is For Yarns-

Some of My Early Stories

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Waltz With The Devil


The 477


The Pythian Games

In The Woods Behind Riversleigh

If Your Name Was Mara Petgrave

Once I Set Out

52nd Avenue West

If You Could

In Regards To Tansy Arvensis

These stories mean a lot to me, and writing means everything to me- thank you for visiting my work




Posted on March 31, 2007, in Catacomb Tales. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. What a wonderful collection AM. I have a feeling that we need not go much further when seeking things for the Bumper Catalogue.
    the Abbess

  2. G also means Good work, Anita Marie.
    And I love the old photographs, especially the one in sepia tone. There is something about sepia that is so gracefully aging.


  3. This is the most wonderful collection to sit and savor on a day of intense alert here in Victoria. You will find I have put a link in the cloisters to make sure people keep finding your work here.

  4. Oh this is so good – helps to find my favourites.

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