Arriving At Darlene’s

I arrive at the door of #9 Nut Cracker Lane to the smells of sugar cookies and spices. Pine fills my nose. The red door is decorated with a pine cone wreath, guarded by Nut Crackers, varying in height.     … three more posts are awaiting at the Lemurian Tour blog of Patricia


About Patricia

Living in Upstate, New York, I would consider myself a mixed media artist and writer of stories, and poetry. I enjoy painting & sketching, altered books, collage on canvas, making dolls, and reading.I am the proud mother to six lovely children.

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  1. as I have read your story, I return a promised Fitz


    SEED: “and so much more than I had expected from a stranger”

    TITLE: a source of ideas and dreams unknown

    What then has brought us to this;
    that of friends, siblings and beliefs,
    elements somewhat predictable in comfort –
    we settle for less than more –

    Yet from a stranger –
    we build barriers of fear.

    “More” can always be expected from a stranger,
    while “less’ is what must be found
    in that empty purse
    we explored before.

  2. Looks like I’ll be paying you a visit!

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