The Lantern Burns with Soul

As children we were gifted with imagination,
instead of carefully entrenched dilutions
that smudged smears and grime
on the rosy panes of our lantern
of joy and innocence.

There was no question of what Light shone through and about,
and people marveled at our gleaming soulful eyes
that lit up lonely hearts
and brought each back unto creation
of love and enchantment.

Again and ever again we tried to fan the flame
as we gather fireflies and phosphorescent moss
that shed no awesome light,
but kindled some simple happiness
in shadowed hearts and minds.

Oh, what can I do by today my slumbering friends
to become a lantern for your search and all,
and ease your troubled soul
that wants to remember tomorrow
as a dream of yesterday?


About faucon

Male, 62 - owner of an eclectic retreat center called Sakin'el in Knoxville, TN. Author of many books listed on

Posted on November 27, 2006, in DawnMuse, EverLight. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I tried earlier to put this on “The Breaking Free Site
    That does not matter but I wanted you to know you are both thought about. I said I had come to help untie and untanggle,to listen and stay a while if company was needed! There is indead strengh and support in numbers.” Soul Food” proves that! It is there when times are good but also when they not. You can and you
    should take heart from that as is a rare and wondeful
    thing.Thinking of you both at this time. Susan Preston

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