Lamp is weak

I attempt to never tell others what to do – preferring to use story and example of directions and paths than might benefit and enhance one’s life. But I will tell you all what NOT to do. A week ago Sunday I cut up a felled tree into 12 fence posts and hauled the debris to the street. After setting the posts I connected them with rails and woven ‘rick-rack. It wasn’t lunch time yet so I mixed three bags of concrete to patch a leak in the basement wall, painted a door, cut up an old gas line and installed a set of lights and switches and fixed the fountain pump – and wrote three poems. I was hurting quite a bit by then and decided (stupidly) to have a couple of drinks to relax. Later, in the hospital I learned that my body no longer metabolizes alcohol – even a single glass of wine will poison my system.

Being 62 isn’t as much fun as I thought it might be. Rats – I forgot to change the spark-plugs in the car. Take care, my friends. I guess I don’t know how! Creation is everything for me. Guess I am going to have to ask for help.



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  1. Once you do, it will come.

    ‘Creation being everything to you’- is a good starting point – from where to seek that help.

    You could try non alcoholic wines.

    I know it doesn’t seem as inviting but your health must come first.

    I have something called ‘Norfolk Punch’- a herbal drink, made by monks, which apparently quite nice, still yet unopened in my fridge – bought it last week.

    I think in my herb books there may be a recipe or two for non alcoholic wines, if you’re interested?

    Then, of course, there is the help from above/beyond, our angels/spirit guides etc.

    Ask them for their help and guidance too.


  2. Oh, and slow down, learn to rest awhile, with love,

    Camelot Scribe.

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