Evening Shadows

I look over at his slackened
jaw and thankfully hear a gentle
rhythm to his breathing, sweat
glistening on his brow from a
journey he alone must take, even
though he has never left his bed.

I sit in my own solitude, a twilight
room hides my smile, with so much
time to reminisce when laughter and
passion filled us both to

Winding roads of reckless abandon
bringing us to this moment, stopping
us in our tracks, catching us between
gnarly jaws of life and death.

The doctor emerges, slicing through my
morose, interrupting a voyage at the same
time becoming villain in his quest of
saving lives.

Reaching for his sleep once more, he
grimaces to find the niche his bed has
to offer, wishing I could own his pain

for once, praying his shoulders continue
to bear the weight of getting old.

sage © 


Posted on November 11, 2006, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. Beautifully pensive Sage. Your husband is not well? My thoughts are with you.

  2. yes, don’t you remember our conversation where I told you we moved back to Nevada to be with family?

    I had not forgotten. I just wondered if he had deteriorated a little. I know all to well the pain that you are suffering.
    love Heather

  3. A beautiful piece, Sage, to the love of your life.


  4. thank you vi, you are so sweet!


  5. Exquisite, poignant without sentimentality, ruthlessly honest – which gives it integrity; a beautiful poem which does not shirk the back bone of reality.

  6. thank you for your eloquent words, God Bless.


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