Lemuria Awaits


The prophets were true to their beliefs. They knew that after the great flood mankind would move away from sacred teachings and remain hidden. But they also knew that one day the cycle would end and these teachings would once again emerge. That is what is happening to us. We are drawn to the mountaintops of Lemuria looking for something, something that will spark our inner wisdom and spirit. It is our rise to consciousness.We will once again believe in a higher power, love and respect for each other and respect for the Earth, the basic foundation of spirituality. Our religious beliefs make no difference as it is not part of this reclamation; spirituality and religion vie for no position here, for as we travel this hallowed ground, a renewed spirituality will awaken and emerge in us. Do not underestimate the power of the experiences we will have while on this journey. They will awaken within us something that has long left our consciousness but longs to return to the soul. And in a form of reincarnation, we will become those ancient Lemurians, a proud and humble ancient society, and from them we will learn much.On our journey to the mountaintops we shall dress warm, don our winged shoes, and carry our special bag, for it will take us far. Let us begin; let us make this journey together for there is safety in numbers. We shall tread swiftly, making sure our steps remain true. The time has finally come.    

love & light,

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  1. It is true that Lemuria holds hope, hope that some of the sacred teachings will re-emerge and lift our spirits. Thank you Sage.

  2. so glad you draw a distinction between ‘religion’ and ‘spirituality’. Though ‘vie’ possibly implies a basic incompatability that sould not be true, I agree that it sadly most often is.

    One of our sisters on another blog recently offered (paraphrased):

    religion is about killing in the name of faith …

    Spirituality is about being willing to die for your faith

    Here at Lemuria, neither need apply


  3. you’re welcome heather…


  4. religion and spirituality becomes whatever it may be, depending how one deems to view and interpret it; sometimes the line is blurred, again, all up to personal belief…

    notwithstanding, people’s personal views on a higher power is often best left unsaid.


  5. I loved reading this piece; it sums up ( for me ) a huge part of what we are searching for and hoping to reclaim in our individual journies within the friendship and support of Lemurian travellers.

  6. thank you jan, for such kind, evocative words; you are a sweet Lemurian friend.

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