Unbroken Circle


I was angry, I was mad,

It took all the life I had

Just to keep the circle broken.

Non-anger came and nested,

In my heart sweet healing rested.

Now the circle was whole again.

I was wicked; joyed in sinning,

Fruit sweet at the beginning,

But bitter at the core.

Goodness came and like a rider

Of the night, angelic strider,

Overcame the dark with light.

I was selfish, I was greedy,

Kept my gifts from all the needy,

Withered miser to the bone.

Generous cherubs entered pealing

Shouts of laughter now revealing

Superior strength of generosity.

Let the circle be unbroken as

The liar hears truth be spoken

Overpowering all his lies.

He who has ears to hear now

Let him hear it and allow

Life’s circle is alive, again.


Mother Bear 


Posted on October 26, 2006, in Abbey Life, Abbey Residents, Attic. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. not sure what to say —
    but I like it

  2. I love that initial and glorious image at the top. A striking piece – ‘Angelic strider’ – vivid.

  3. very evocative. thanks for sharing.

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