Birds of Omen

Oh give justice to their wellspring

feathered guests florid thought,

clairvoyant message invisible for



Darkness intuitive owl opens gates

of the dead,

Odysseus’s hawk clutching dove

proclaim utmost dread.


Corvid’s gifted black charred

malevolent trickster, drink

flow of magic,

its concocted elixir.


Tho’ auspicious crane not show


he standing one-legged,

I cry solemn repent.


Rooster red cockscomb cry outspoken


sign of bold courage,  his showdown

iced stare.


Envision winged flight birds, origin

of scribe,

bird songs music to be.


A charged moment makes it an omen,

weep swift contrition into a

bittersweet sea.

sage ©  


About nevadasky

writer and artist

Posted on October 25, 2006, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. almost an incantation — I can see a Priestess
    walking in circle touching the foreheads of each

  2. aw yes, an interesting analogy!

  3. I really like your stylistic device using a staccato format and yet capturing internal rhyme to maintain the flow of images.

  4. thank you jan…your words are appreciated!

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