Proud Heritage

They are but shadows in our minds,

vague remembrances,

disturbing chills upon our necks.

They are the one heartbeat every minute

that is a little stronger than the rest.

They are part of every independent woman.

They make us strive for more.

They are that long remembered something

that we cannot quite explain..

Their ghosts awaken us at night

reminding us of battles fought,

and won.

Some believe they are no more—

some historians say they never were,

but we know better for

they are alive within our hearts.

Their shadows haunt our memories—

fleeting remembrances of something grand

that is still part of each and every one

of us.


Warrior women from the past

who, if we let them,

will guide us to the future.

We bow before you, Amazons,

knowing that we were you and you are us.

Our pride will not allow us to forget

that your blood courses through our veins.


All Hail, Amazons, All Hail.

Vi Jones

©October 2, 2006


About woodnymph

I am an author, poet, and digital photographer.

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  1. A compelling battle cry embued with both rich and subtle images. Terrific.

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