I was at a threshold

That held me captive for a long time

I gathered the courage from somewhere

To take the first step into the unknowable (for how can we really know what will happen?)

Maybe I knew that there would be support from somewhere

But I was still scared

Oh what relief and joy to know I have it in me

To move beyond fear

To love life enough to try

To grow into more of the person I am striving to be

Thanks to all those people in the world who have kind thoughts towards me

Who support me in any way

The hurdle was small in reality

But it is a huge battle I have won

by Soultide


About Stacey-Ann

I am an Artist, Illustrator & Mother of two gorgeous little ones. I love painting with watercolours & I specialise in colourful and uplifting Ethnic Art You can email me at info AT creativesque DOT co DOT uk

Posted on October 18, 2006, in Reflection Room. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. A standing ovation Stacey. It is no small hurdle. I know how hard it is to step out of the opened cage door. Well done darling and we are all here for you as you walk a road that is becoming more travelled.

  2. Thanks Heather for your comments. :-}

  3. SEED: “To love life enough to try”

    “To love life is to live life,”
    or so I read in my youth;
    and each day is a threshold
    through which one might step in spirit –
    to smile inwardly
    as you dance in the market,
    frolic in walled gardens
    and sing to the gladrag crowd.

    Some will see your secret mirth,
    and wave Nemaste’


  4. Thanks papa faucon

  5. Good for you and so well expressed.

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