Whilst spending time in the Abbey

I will endeavour to practise

Living with a Listening Heart

So that I can hear the quiet, loving voices

Of all those who guide me

As well as the voice of wisdom within me

by Soultide

Words inspired by the book called: A Listening Heart – The Art of Contemplative Living by David Steindl-Rast 


About Stacey-Ann

I am an Artist, Illustrator & Mother of two gorgeous little ones. I love painting with watercolours & I specialise in colourful and uplifting Ethnic Art You can email me at info AT creativesque DOT co DOT uk

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  1. Fitz SEED
    Soultide: “wisdom within me”

    As wisdom comes from living –
    seeking balance between what is known,
    and values ground fine
    in a crucible of longing
    called the soul …
    what better than a listening heart
    to hearken to ancient truths
    and today’s awareness,
    and embrace the polishing
    by laughing waves of the Mistress —
    caressing mind and spirit
    in cycles of creation?

  2. those words are lovely faucon and so in keeping with what I’m feeling right now.

  3. So many folk are frightened by silence yet it is when we experience silence that we hear the most. Just lovely Stacey.

  4. So true, Heather.

    Lovely poem, faucon… it speaks of the path to the soul… the richness of solitude and the healing that comes from those rare moments of solitude.

  5. So few people tolerate silence – they search for meaningless noise to drown it out – a lovely glimpse of a precious commodity.

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