Oreo in the Abbey

Testing the morning,
my cat sniffs the air,
gauges the warmth of the sun,
the possibility of rain,
the nearness or absense of danger.

One foot slightly raised,
ears pricked,
whiskers erect,
he listens for human voices,
the twitter of birds,

Only then, curled and waving,
does his tail follow him out the door.

by Believer


About porchsitter

Love: my Christian faith and the wisdom of other religions, writing, making art, reading, being compassionate to those who need me. Finished (5/2018) Meditate and Mediate course with Thomas Hubl and William Ury now joining and going forward with other members via FB, WP and Zoom. Feeling blessed.

Posted on October 16, 2006, in Poetry. Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. Barbara: You have captured the essence of cat!

  2. Thanks, Lori. Oreo was the smartest, most remarkable cat I’ve ever met. I miss him, but I’ll continue to write about him here and here he shall live.

  3. a fine cat, most true

    and the poem is almost a Fitz (huzzah!)
    with 54 words — not a suggestion to change,
    but a thought of how easy it is to
    pen thoughts in ‘about’ 55 words.

  4. Ah! Now this is a familiar voice and an old friend. Dear Oreo has been a special companion at the Abbey.

  5. Oreo was, still is, a special being.


  6. The essence of a cat – utterly – this cat is like a still life tingling with the sharp spring of movement.

  7. “feline” groovy – it does indeed capture the essence of cat

  8. oh you said this so well; cats and their sixth sense;I could picture this in detail and loved it!thank you for sharing!


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