boycott bad news

Just for a lark, this week when the world overwhelms you with bad news (and you know it will because the world is addicted to the adrenaline rush of bad news) just breathe through it like a mother breathing through  a labor contraction or a soldier breathing through the pain of a fresh flesh wound. Boycott bad news. Make your own good news, and tell people about it. Thank Heaven several times every day and smile when you don’t feel like it. Break the trance of horrible news with a total consciousness makeover. Boycott bad news. Ignore it. Refuse to be enthralled by it.

Make some good news & share it.

Namaste ~



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Posted on October 16, 2006, in Abbey Life. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. I will support this passionately. I am so tired of the bad news, especially when so many good things happen each day. We need to celebrate these good things.

  2. I have found that turning the evening news off makes me feel a whole lot better. Makes me sleep better, too.


  3. I agree completely. For each bit of bad news, there are people who are fighting the good fight. Let’s hear about them for a change.

  4. I agree, 100 per cent, the ‘news’ seems to always be depressing, wouldn’t it be nice for a tv channel to post only good news and good decent programs, all the old favourites that stood for families, love, faith, courage, acheivements etc. think you get my general drift, my hubby and I have often discussed the possibility.

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