brightnight.jpgA mandala is a sacred circle, a symbol of wholeness. The word mandala comes fromt he Sanskrit for circle,and sacred centre. Another meaning is “essence container.” Mandalas are linked to sacred geometry, psychology and healing, as well as creating a new and better reality (as in Navajo and Tibetan sand-paintings). Mandalas a mainly circular, but they also can be triangles or circles within squares. Art and sacred art worldwide provide many examples. Her are a few: St.Hildgard of Bingen, an 11th century Benedictine abbess painted inticate and exquisite mandala like pictures of her mystical revelations and epiphanies. Chartres Cathedral in France has a labyrinth mandala designed in the floor, which is large enough to be walked to its center. Many Native American designs are mandala-like and used for healing rituals as well as in daily use such as in pottery and basketry. Celtic Knot patterns from the Irish golden era show a belief in the continuity of life and its interconnectedness – human, plants, animals, spirit and creator.

These lovely forms have power and meaning. I use coloring mandalas in my work with troubled youth in crisis as a very effective healing tool. (Thanks to Tia of zaadz for encouraging me this direction.)

Be well.


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  1. MotherBear! I create mandalas, walk labyrinths, am a fan of all things Hildegard, and love a good celtic knot. Isn’t it amazing how SFC attracts like-minded people! You stirred up the urge for me to go make a mandala.


  2. I am thrilled that you have posted this here Mother Bear. I have been fascinated by these geometric wonders and made sure to find the magnificent one on the floor of the Chartres Cathedral.

  3. Whenever I visited a church or cathedral in Europe I always looked back and up at the “Eye of God” — some of the best stained glass work anywhere, but often ignored —

    impossible to phograph though. Perhaps the most exquisite example of the mandalas though, is over the entrance to the Univerity of Bristol, England.

    ‘course, you have to get up at dawn to appreciate its grandeur

  4. Yes, there is definitely something in this. Good reading.

  5. It’s a wonderful image and I have to agree, the stained glass windows are awesome and often to be found in the most humble of churches. I think I am going to have a go at making one of these mandalas.

  6. Members of the WordPress community may like to see some truly ancient sacred geometry:

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