Salty Fingers-Loving Touches

Salty Fingers—Loving Touches 

I lie beside the water’s edge.

My eyes are closed

but like one sightless,

I feel the touch

of sand beneath my body…

the taste of salt upon my lips…

the sound of surf,

music within my ears.

Then, in motion,

Sea draws me

into her embrace.

She caresses my naked body

with fingers soft and gentle…

she kisses my lips,

my breasts—


I am swimming now,

begging Sea to take me

as I lie quivering in her arms.

I grasp her with my thighs

but she slips away…

returns to kiss my throat,

my breasts—


She is a teasing lover,

laughing all the while

until she has me arching with delight

like a dolphin in mid flight.

Of all the women I have loved,

Sea is the playful one.

She toys with me

and teases me

until I spin

in rapturous delight.


Let me feel again your urging,

let me come to thee once more.


Vi Jones

October 9, 2006


About woodnymph

I am an author, poet, and digital photographer.

Posted on October 10, 2006, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. I’m sorry folks, but Word Press made such a mess of this… and changed the layout around. That is why I do not like Word Press at all. It’s back to the blogs for me.


  2. but the spirit of your song lives!

    and as sensual as anything
    written in any form —
    beyond even WordPress corruption

  3. It is lovely, nonetheless.


  4. Don’t give up Vi. Someone here, who has the power to edit, which is most of us, will tighten the layout up for you. As a hint, put it in to blogger and publish. Go to the published screen. Scroll and copy the text and then insert it in to WordPress. This usually works for me.

  5. All fixed, Vi. I have had trouble with this as well.

  6. Thank you, Imogen, for fixing my layout. I’m glad I’m not alone and that others have had the same problem. 😉


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