Reflection on Fear

My back is pressed against one of the many solid stone walls of the Abbey

My heart is beating fast because I’m afraid

There is unchartered territory that I have to explore

But my feet are rooted to the spot

Having the solidness at my back is slightly comforting

But I can’t stay like this forever

I must go on or I cannot grow

And if I don’t grow, I’ll be so unhappy

I need to find the courage from somewhere

But I’m not sure where

I know it cannot come from outside me

So that means it must come from inside me

Maybe I need to meditate right now

Maybe I need to pray

Maybe I just need to be quiet and listen

But I need to find it within myself to take that first step

The wall at my back vibrates in response

As the Abbey itself tries to help me on my quest

by Soultide


About Stacey-Ann

I am an Artist, Illustrator & Mother of two gorgeous little ones. I love painting with watercolours & I specialise in colourful and uplifting Ethnic Art You can email me at info AT creativesque DOT co DOT uk

Posted on October 10, 2006, in Abbey Life, Reflection Room. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. The Abbey walls will give you strength to release that which is inside you.


  2. ’tis said that ‘love’ is the only other true emotion than ‘fear’ — but our invasive culture has
    diluted ‘love’ as a useful word, while ‘fear’ has been given sharper edges.

    Cherish is a more useful term, perhaps —
    of live and self and memories —
    such that fear has no room or reason

  3. thank you both.

  4. There are many hands to hold as you charter, map and name new parts of yourself. We will be with you.

  5. thanks Heather

  6. Keep holding on and you will move through it.

  7. Looks like you came through – or this old Abbey came through for you; either way I like the integrity of this piece.

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