St Francis of Assisi




of Assisi
gathered the birds
about him
and began to speak to them tenderly
God had given them air
and trees
sing, he told them,
for song is the praise to God
from the hearts of his children.


October 5th is the Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi. No matter what your belief stucture, he is a crucial figure to western civilzation, indeed world culture, because of his huge love for the Creation and the Creator, preferring not to pick one or the other.



Enter the Chapel of Saint Franscis and complete a soothing guided imagery.

The idea of acknowledging St Franscis and his Feast Day came from Calm Eagle

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  1. hey, that’s my zaadz blog post! Surprised to see it here. Hemm….lovely place, this.

  2. Your post was great Deborah and I have linked it here. Thanks for the inspiration. Saint Franscis is my favourite and we visited Assisi in 2001. It was idyllic and these images, which came from the Google Search you suggested, really speak to me.

  3. Very nice representations of the saint. Fran

  4. This is a truely beautiful entry. Like you I too feel that holy people like St Francis and all those wonderful, strong female mystics have meaning beyond the limitations beset to them by religious structures. One of the many things I hope to accomplish at the Abbey is a reclaiming of the female saints.

  5. Dreamdancing Dryad

    Ah! The world, my dear Watson, is not so very large. I came through Google to nab your picture of the good Saint to put at a Memorial for my friend Ayla’s sweet Zoe Dog who was shot and killed last night. How lovely the Abby is. I remember when the first stones were set.

    Lemurian Abbey Song

    Beautiful Francis alone on a hill
    He heard the call to build
    He worked alone in the winter chill
    A pledge that must be fulfilled

    Barefoot in the snow
    He worked his fingers to the bone
    The spirit dream must grow . . .
    He bent to pile the stone

    Sister Sun, My Sister Moon
    You build with words not stone
    Get me a cell and a line to the muse
    You shall not build alone

    ©Edwina Peterson Cross

    You maybe ought to have a word with Copyscape, I nabbed Saint Frances easier than the scum of a Louisiana swamp.

  6. I have always been images of angels and humans being kind to animals. These art images are really beautiful, thanks for putting them here for us to enjoy!

  7. I am in the process of converting to Catholicism. I was thinking of St. Francis for my confirmation name. Now, I have just discovered on this page that my birthday, October 5th is the same as St. Francis feast day! I think that’s kinda cool.

  8. I am in charge of maintaining a web site for my fraternity.
    Could I post the images of St Francis here to my web site?



  9. THANKS FOR SPEAKING OF ST FRANCIS. I AM A FRANCISCAN MYSELF WORKING IN AFRICA ( I just to correct one small detail: st. francis’ feast is actually on Oct. 4th. He was a man soooo integrated that saw God present everywhere. That’s why we franciscans like to speak of PANINTHEISM. Love to you all. Gianfrancesco

  10. i love you st. francis….lover of nature….thank you

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