The Walled Garden

What a lovely, calming garden this is!  The flowers hang heavily on their branches and I had scattered seed for the birds earlier.  Their excited voices mingle with wind chimes, and the hidden fountain, to make a zen-like melody.

Birds feeding

I breathe deeply and close my eyes.  The stone bench is warm on my back and behind, and shards of sun move slowly on my face.

Skye Asleep

Skye had claimed a soft towel, gathering the perfume of flowers and fresh air, to sleep on.  Pye walked around and around on the gleaming wooden canopy of the arbor.  I hear late-season bees humming as they feed.


There is an herb garden, replete with Enki-Fish and an Angel amongst the Rosemary and Sage, which has a few pink blossoms still clinging to it.

Pink Oleanders

Oleanders, pink and white, vie for grandiose blooming with brilliant Bougainvillea.  Fleecy clouds are high in the sky, with sun gilding the edges.


Here in this haven of peace and nature one can slow their thoughts, and capture the fleeting images in their spirit.



About gwenguin1

I am a Professional Crazy Lady, author, poet, artist, herbalist, holistic healer, and witch.

Posted on October 2, 2006, in Abbey Life, Nature. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Gwen darling! Your images are broken. Be a good girl and insert them again.

  2. I want a kitten, soft with gentle paws, a dainty lively little beast to grow up into one of your beautiful friends…Love the soft lights here, Fran

  3. How did I miss this when it was first posted? Perhaps I saw it but didn’t stop for a while to tell you it’s lovely.

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