Ebony’s Luncheon

Ebony Wilder, the Abbey Housekeeper, who sometimes transforms into the swashbuckling Captain Wilder, has put on a luncheon for travellers who have begun to arrive in the Abbey. Rumours abound that Ebony operates a smuggling ring and that she has connections to dubious seafaring types from China who purport to have bottled the exilir of creativity. Sounds plausible to me!


Posted on October 2, 2006, in Abbey Life, Ebony Wilder. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. See? What did I tell you? You have to watch this Ebony Wilder…. she lives a double life. Mild-mannered Abbey housekeeper by day, buck-swashling lady pirate at night….

  2. And who would we have at lunch or tea, save she who takes the picture and we are left with puzzlement for need of introduction: whose this I see? is anyone me? who is hiding when she is making pictures? what next dear Ebony?

  3. Oooh my spine is tingling in anticipation!!!!

  4. Honestly Heather I can’t help but smile; what an extraordinary assortment of faces and expressions. If people are wondering why comments are cropping up on what they posted months ago I can highly recommend looking back to see what you missed. It soothes a troubled soul and calms the spirit.

  5. Honestly Heather I cannot help but smile at the expressions on their faces. It makes me remember so vividly how Ebony became a trip on The Calabar and Wacam came into being.

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