Planting Abbey Dream Seeds

Dream Seeds for the Abbey
by Heather Blakey

Travellers will recall that le Enchanteur marked New Year by planting Dream Seeds at Riversleigh Manor

She told people to choose a blank seed packet from the box on the table in the garden shed.

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Free Printable Seed Packet

More dream seeds are available for residents in the Abbey. There will be enough for everyone.

Take the time to reflect and consider what you hope will blossom from your work in the Abbey. Design the seed packet, label it and plant one of Enchanteur’s dream seeds into a pot filled with some of the composted soil they have down in the greenhouse.

Go out and buy a small pot and plant some seeds. Put this in a sunny spot and ake care of it over the coming months. Keep a record of the seed’s journey. At the same time look for signs that the seed you planted in the pot in the Abbey is flourishing as well.

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  1. seeds of love
    seeds of memory
    seeds of magic moments
    seeds of dreams come true
    and of the mountain still to climb, Fran

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