Cross-musing on Portals


I am Trebusca, the Lantern of Shadows;
the shuttered haven of sheltered spirit,
and the protector of the Flame of Orbe.

I await for courage bold to yet unveil
these windows into my soul and lost wisdom,
and rekindle the candle of yearning hope.

Until then I hang in cobwebbed silence,
dingy with the dust of worthless memories,
slightly swinging in such chaotic darkness.

Legend may invoke your fear of my brightness,
made so if you choose to cast caution aside
and drop all of my shields in surrender.

Try but one at a time, my feckless children;
and desmudge the glimmering colored facets
that they might reflect the early morning sun.

Peer intently through these crystal lenses
with gentle wondering eyes of innocence
and simple loving bound now in charity.

Please breath softly on the glowing embers
of the passion of attention and creation,
and prepare to witness this born EverLight.

Then marvel at the burst of understanding
that this lantern of such ancient covenant
contains but a divinely polished mirror.

You are and be and was the spark of knowing
that by looking deeply in may dance without
and briefly touch the stars in our joined hands.

It takes but two, though more may profoundly serve,
that we may see ourselves in the laughing eyes
of friends and the open hearts of strangers.

I see in you the Light of we Namaste’,
and embrace these filtering walls of loneliness
that make us by choice so intensely human.



About faucon

Male, 62 - owner of an eclectic retreat center called Sakin'el in Knoxville, TN. Author of many books listed on

Posted on September 10, 2006, in Light and Shadows. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I would be totally mystified by your ability to produce so many pieces like this if I did not know how faithfully you practice your craft. Bravo faucon.

  2. Smooth. Readable..insilence or out loud.

    Nope, not related. Jusyt one of those odd things when one sees something familiar. Perhaps the glasses?

  3. ‘You are and be and was the spark of knowing’ – delicious line – lovely, rhythmical poetry. I think this may be the one I most admire!

  4. A lantern, a light, a pathway, you are a guide to our vision. Fran

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