The Great Hall

I wrote this for the Wizard School at which I taught for a bit,
and it is part of their intro for new students —
also seems to fit here.



There is a Great Hall built of light and dreams,
with a cornerstone set in Mother Earth,
and vaulted beams that reach the stars and more.

Its walls are crafted from ancient stones,
etched with knowledge of elders and crones,
each a different gift in color and form.

Yet notice the portals are edged in gray,
wisely set in the experienced way,
to welcome and guide friends within and found.

Each window is set for a diff’rent view,
stained in glass art of the elements four,
with a window seat for musing and growth.

A fire dances in the cavernous hearth,
ever fueled by love and charity,
that casts no shadows but can warm the heart.

Find on the sideboard of withered birch and yew
simple bread and drink and welcoming salt,
and a basin to wash away your fears.

The oak table surround is bound magic true,
and expands in girth to accommodate you
and me and all as known peers of the school.

But you may just choose to just sit and watch
and recline on cushions found tossed about
that pacing is hard but prancing allowed.

All are drawn to the raised dais of iron,
bright lit by a thousand candled delight,
where inspired Bards and Minstrels have their day.

And look to the Post where announcements hang
that all who enter can find mirth and joy
in shared wisdom and news of grant purport.

For a wizard is hewn by human touch,
as the bound work is of here and benow,
and each shared hand must leave a mark.

So brave enter within and share your thoughts
from far and beyond and near soul’s reach,
that all here can know of your spirit’s call.

This alone is the site of crossing Paths,
in all of the school’s fine gardens and walls;
and of shoulders touched are wizards borne.


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  1. pure magic! True word wizardry! And an Enchanteur should know wizardry when she sees it!!!

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