Autumn approaches

In my part of the world we are heading towards autumn although Swinburne’s “month of the long decline of roses” is not yet upon us.

Here in the abbey gardens the sun flowers still turn with movement of the sun but their seeds are setting fast.

The leaves on the climbing vines are beginning to sport the new autumnal fashions

and the rosehips offer themselves to the hungry birds



Posted on September 7, 2006, in Abbey Life, Lemurian Abbey. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Carol, these are gorgeous.

  2. What amazing images of Autumn. As autumn changes leaves to rich reds and sienna’s in your world we are moving in to spring and the lambs are skipping through the pastures.

  3. As always your selective eye spies out the beauty for all of us. Fran

  4. The beauty of nature is so inspirational.

  5. My head is a shed so I am retreating to the Abbey for a bit of peace. These pictures are just lovely, peaceful, calm, colourful – accepting. I must have missed this post at the time but here we are, early March and I come across the beauty of last Autumn.

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