Looking back


That morning of leaves

Stunning riot

October trees rustled

And whispered –

Splash of the palette,

Artist creator,

Gold split to yellow

And orange –

Enticed us to look,

All over the grass,

Scraped on the gravel,


From the day before’s wedding.

Said hello

To the people who made it each week

After all,

In the end –

The whole.

And it happened –

Despite your absence.

Lived it and loved it.

Loved it the more, in a way

For one day –

Your not being there.

Someone to hold us together.

Strange faces appeared

And were welcomed

As ever; they listened

And wondered.

Remembered myself

When I came, first

In awe

Of it all,


In mystery and splendour;

The singing, the sermon,

Thought into prayer,

Blessing for me,

That morning,


‘ Janet , may the Lord….’

Without you we kept it


In spirit,

I knew it and saw,

Soared with the voices

In praise,

Elated in worship;

Had omitted to hear them

For weeks past –

They had always been there.

We could do it

And did so,

Without you

When God was full presence,

You lead us,

But left us, sometimes,

To get on.

We were able

And loved it.

But missed you-

Your not being there.



About jan2

I live in England.

Posted on August 31, 2006, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. I have never been called (too much) to play with line breaks — but appreciate those who can and do

  2. this is amazing for me because this is how i felt the poem, experienced it: the words are vital but i took the experience from the infinite rhythm created here. thank you, i am just now coming to sense rythm and not slash and burn all the time! kimtelas/kim

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