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Looking back


That morning of leaves

Stunning riot

October trees rustled

And whispered –

Splash of the palette,

Artist creator,

Gold split to yellow

And orange –

Enticed us to look,

All over the grass,

Scraped on the gravel,


From the day before’s wedding.

Said hello

To the people who made it each week

After all,

In the end –

The whole.

And it happened –

Despite your absence.

Lived it and loved it.

Loved it the more, in a way

For one day –

Your not being there.

Someone to hold us together.

Strange faces appeared

And were welcomed

As ever; they listened

And wondered.

Remembered myself

When I came, first

In awe

Of it all,


In mystery and splendour;

The singing, the sermon,

Thought into prayer,

Blessing for me,

That morning,


‘ Janet , may the Lord….’

Without you we kept it


In spirit,

I knew it and saw,

Soared with the voices

In praise,

Elated in worship;

Had omitted to hear them

For weeks past –

They had always been there.

We could do it

And did so,

Without you

When God was full presence,

You lead us,

But left us, sometimes,

To get on.

We were able

And loved it.

But missed you-

Your not being there.



Guides Will Take Pilgrims to the Lemurian Abbey


Guides will take seasoned travellers and new pilgrims to the Abbey which lies on a small island, across the lake upon which the City of Ladies is perched. All comers are welcome to join the Abbey and undertake the Soul Food Labours. Residents work on the A to Z of Alchemy and observe the transmutation that takes place within this divine sanctuary, far from the hustle and bustle of twenty first century life.

Pure Therapy

I haven’t created anything in over a week– no writing, no art, no photography. I’ve been so overwhelmed at work and emotionally drained that I haven’t had any energy to do much. But I always feel better when I make a mandala. It’s very calming to me. So I made myself sit down tonight and make this one. However, even this image is filled with frenetic energy. But the act of making it was pure therapy. I’m posting it in the abbey because it feels safer in here.


Image: Lori Gloyd (c) 2006


Why do you weep?

I am crying for a star to have as my own.

Will a star make you happy?

It will be a wondrous crystal to glow and give me light.

Will a star bring you joy?

It will be my star and I will not let it go.

Will you settle for less?

I must have a star;

I stretch out my arms to the night.

Will you accept a smile or a hug and a kiss?

Are they gifts?

They are yours for the asking – and more than a star.

I will settle.


Goddess Booklist–recommended reading

What follows is a short list of books and web sites that I found most useful so far, on my quest for the Goddess.Carol C. Christ, LAUGHTER OF APHRODITE

———-, ODYSSEY WITH THE GODDESS (Continuum, 1995)


———-, SHE WHO CHANGES (Palgrave MacMillan, 2003)

—Carol C. Christ has written a series of books charting her growth and experiences with Goddess spirituality. While the first 2 show her move from God to Goddess, Rebirth of the Goddess is the first systematic feminist theology of the Goddess. She Who Changes outlines the intellectual underpinnings upon which her theology is based. Obviously the first 2 titles above are the easiest to read, although the latter are not difficult given Carol’s wonderful ability to make a difficult subject accessible. I would highly recommend any and all of these books as a way into the whole area of Goddess spirituality and theology.

Tikva Frymer-Kensky, IN THE WAKE OF THE GODDESS (Fawcett Columbine, 1992)

—This is a book of feminist scholarship on the subject of ancient pagan goddesses and how they were gradually overthrown by male gods, and ultimately by the biblical god. Not your average bedtime reading, but worth it all the same!

Caitlin Matthews, SOPHIA, GODDESS OF WISDOM, BRIDE OF GOD (Quest Books, 2001)

—A book written by a well known teacher of Celtic spirituality about the many faces of the Goddess as She has been manifested in the Western tradition as Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom. One such manifestation looked at is the Black Madonna.

Rosemary Radford Ruether, GODDESSES AND THE DIVINE FEMININE (University of California Press, 2005)

—This would be an essential book as far as I am concerned! Rosemary is a feminist theologian long engaged in theological enquiry in feminist, environmental and related issues. Here she presents the definitive account of goddesses from prehistoric times to contemporary interpretations. However be warned–she examines the mythology carefully resulting in the rejection of certain premises that would be considered almost sacrosanct in some goddess circles, eg the myth of a peaceful matriarchal society that predated patriarchy. Personally I would consider that while such myths are very consoling, it is always better to be open to the truth whatever the ‘truth’ is understood to be at a particular point in time.


——–, THE BOND BETWEEN WOMEN (Riverhead Books, 1998)

—One woman’s search for the Sacred Feminine and where the search brought her, including the goddesses she ‘met‘ on her journey. Both books very easy to read as well as being informative. Recommended.

Sue Monk Kidd, THE DANCE OF THE DISSIDENT DAUGHTER (Harper Collins, 2002)

—Absolutely essential reading for anyone either on the journey, or about to embark on the quest for the Sacred Feminine. Refers to goddesses in the context of her personal search.

GODDESS WEBSITES—A wonderful site with enough to keep you entertained and amused for a long time! Pour yourself a cup of coffee or herbal tea, pull up your seat and enjoy!!—This is China Galland’s web site. Wonderful images of the Black Madonna.—A goddess based magazine. Interesting reading.