Abbey History

Early in 2005 Heather created a virtual monastery at Soul Food using blogger. In an interview with Chris Dunmire she talked about how she envisioned the Lemurian Abbey as a place full of fine art and craft, a monastery that would be filled with tiny, Spartan cells where votaries of the muse could come, retreat behind walls and observe time differently. She believed that in this Monastery, time would not be measured with clocks and believed that monastic writers would be free to wander through the cloisters and walled gardens in a meditative state, capturing metaphors in their writing nets.

courtesy of Lani Gerity Glanville

The Lemurian Abbey became a wonderful sanctuary for people eager to practice the Soul Food Way. A metamorphous began to take place and Heather realised that there was something magical happening on the site. A creative transformation was taking place and she could see that interaction and collaboration were working in an online setting.

Today the Abbey is a thriving, bustling community of artists and writers from around the world. It is the first port of call for people who discover Soul Food and feel compelled to walk through the enchanted door way and enter Lemuria.


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  1. A testament to your endless creativity; very beautiful and where would I be now if this did not exist? Searching for peace somewhere else probably – and without compare. Thank you all – this has been a tonic.

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